About Here & Now

Here & Now is a pan-European advanced breast cancer (ABC) awareness initiative, supported by a number of leading experts. Through a series of creative and thought-provoking activities, Here & Now aims to raise awareness of ABC and the realities of living with the disease, in order to improve the level of care and support available. Here & Now is a disease awareness initiative from Novartis Oncology.

As recognised in international guidelines, the level of care and support available for early breast cancer (EBC) is not available to patients with ABC.1,2 There is also a growing body of evidence that shows there is a high degree of unmet social and psychological need in ABC.3

The Here & Now campaign uncovers new insights into the impact of ABC, to better understand how barriers to optimal patient care can be overcome in order to improve the level of care and support across Europe.

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Here & Now in 2015

Supporting patient and healthcare professional conversations

Research has shown that there is a disconnect in patient and healthcare professionals’ (HCP) conversations, which could impact on patient experience. The Here & Now HCP survey identified that clinicians and nurses felt that between 41–60% of ABC patients do not fully understand the implication of their ABC diagnosis highlighting a need to improve dialogue between patients and their clinicians. To support this need, the Here & Now campaign is creating a comprehensive communications training resource for HCPs to support their conversations with patients on a range of topics including diagnosis, prognosis and psychosocial care – further information and updates will follow soon.

Here & Now in 2014

Continuing our collaboration

The Here & Now campaign has continued to evolve through dialogue and close collaboration with patient organisations as well as the campaign’s multi-disciplinary campaign ambassadors. To help support the important role patient organisations play in helping women with ABC, a series of tools, including information leaflets, guidance on coping with ABC and a consultation grid, were developed in collaboration with the community and a leading psycho-oncologist. The materials were designed to help patient organisations expand their focus and support tools for women with ABC, alongside those with early stage disease.

Building the evidence base in ABC

As part of the campaign’s goal to improve understanding of ABC, Here & Now gathered in-depth insights into the patient journey, and also identified the support needs of 332 healthcare professionals across nine countries following the implementation of a pan-European survey in 2014. This research has informed our campaign activities for 2015 to ensure appropriate steps are taken to address these unmet needs. Click here to see the survey results.

ABC policy roundtable builds political momentum for improved care

On 11 February 2014, British Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin hosted a roundtable on advanced breast cancer and the critical role the political community must play to ensure patient outcomes in this disease area are improved. The meeting was hosted with cross party support from MEP Anna Záborská (EPP, Slovakia) and MEP Minodora Cliveti (S&D, Romania) and brought together leading experts in European cancer policy, public interest groups, patient advocacy groups and healthcare professionals to define a collective Call to Action.

Findings from the Here & Now campaign were presented during the meeting and several action points were discussed with attendees hoping to reconvene in the near future to assess progress and agree next steps.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of women ...

often feel like no one understands what they are going through*

*Public survey, One Poll, sponsored by Novartis Oncology (2013)

70% ...

of women say it is hard to find support groups for advanced breast cancer*

*Public survey, One Poll, sponsored by Novartis Oncology (2013)

Pictures from the Here & Now launch event, Brussels